AMS B1x-GA1SxIK for active energy, multirate, with RTC and prepayment module

Single-phase static electricity meters AMS B1x-GA1SDIK are determined for controlled consumption of prepaid amount of active electrical energy. They are equipped with disconnecting component which is integrated inside the meter. Customer may order required batch of electrical energy from supplier using simple phone call and subsequently through SMS will receive numeric code for crediting of paid amount of electrical energy which should be introduced into the meter using meter keypad. The invoice is delivered by mail then. The meter does not disconnect the customer immediatelly after using up the credit, there is predetermined debet given to him by the supplier in order to reserve time for credit buying – new code introduction. It is possible to review remaining amount of bought energy on the meter LCD. They are equipped with internal real time clock (RTC). They can be used in houses, commercial and industrial centres, exhibition and shopping areas. The test pulses indicated by red LED are proportional to the consumed energy.


  • The meters can be mounted on the DIN rail (the clips only on request);
  • Removable and adjustable upper hinge is included in the package
  • Solid coding and protection of the way how electrical energy is credited;
  • Direct introduction of the codes through meter keypad;
  • Passive transmitting pulse SO output for remote transmission;
  • Indication of reverse energy flow and tampering;
  • Complies with IEC/EN 62052-11, IEC/EN 62053-21; EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3 and with requirements of European Parliament and EC Directive 2014/32/EU (MID);
  • It is supplied initially verificated for billing measurement.

Technical data

Precision class A or B (according to MID),
2 or 1 (acc. to EN 62053-21)
Reference voltage [V] 220, 230, 240 (-30,+15%)
Nominal frequency [Hz] 50
Reference current Iref [A]
Transient current Itr [A] 0.5 
Starting current Ist [A] ≤ 0.02
Minimal current Imin [A] 0.25
Maximal current Imax [A] 40, 60
Power consumption - voltage circuit [VA/W] ≤ 3,5 /0,6 
Power consumption - current circuit [VA] ≤ 0.1
Impulse constant  for test output  kTO [imp/kWh] 5 000
Impulse constant  for impulse output  kSO [imp/kWh] 2 500
Transistor output SO 24 V / 30 mA
Operating temperature  -40 °C up to +70 °C
Mean temperature coeff. [%/K] ≤ 0,04
Terminals  current; voltage ; auxiliary [mm] ø 7 ; ø 3 ; ø 3
Degree of protection IP54 
Meter dimensions w x h/h´ x d  [mm] 130 x 122/171 x 60
Fixing holes distance w x h [mm]

92 - 112 x 115 - 155

Weight  [kg] ≤ 0.6